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Colbit Automotive, Gary Colp Mechanic
Cobilt Automotive
Colp, Gary

Automobile Servicing & Repairs

Gary Colp, owner of Colbit Automotive, has 40+ years experience offering: journeyman license, fully equipped shop, environmentally responsible, personal service, fair & honest pricing, quality parts & work, your mechanic for the everyday person.

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114 - 19th Street NW, Calgary, AB
Mon – Thurs 8 am – 5 pm
Craig Allan, Intuitive Cartomancer, Turning Point Transitions Consulting
Allan, Craig

Intuitive Cartomancer Readings

As an Intuitive Cartomancer, it is my desire to provide card reading sessions that will hold meaning and bring guidance.

A card reading session can help you clarify decisions, make sense of emotions and relationships, clear creative blockages, shed light on ambitions and assist in understanding your life purpose.

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MacKay, Craig

The Human Design System

The Human Design System Helps you to understand yourSelf!

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Food for Peace Society of Calgary

Non Profit Charity

We are a Non-Profit Charity providing Vegetarian Meals to the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Donations to Student Food Banks

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P.O. Box 90008 Madigan RPO, Calgary, AB, T2A 7Y8
Geneva Robins, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher
Robins, Geneva M.SC, Reiki Master & Teacher

Reiki Sessions for YOU

Geneva Robins, Reiki Master and Teacher, provides Reiki sessions for you and your home or business.  Change is Possible!

Feel amazing with Reiki sessions for You!
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Uplift the energy in your home.  Reiki for Houses = Happy Homes!
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1842-14 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T 3S9
By Appointment
Ishaddow Astrology
Haddow, Isabelle

Evolutionary Astrology Readings

Isabelle Haddow, founder of Ishaddow Astrology, is an Evolutionary Astrologer for Natal Charts, Synastry (Relationship), Children, Transit & Progression, Relocation and Astro.

Sessions offered: In-person or Remotely via Skype

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Kairos Therapy with Joy Brockhoff
Brockhoff, Joy

Kairos Therapy

Joy Brockhoff is a Certified Kairos Practitioner offering Kairos Therapy Sessions in Calgary, Alberta.

Kairos Therapy is a body-centered emotional healing therapy,  Kairos supports the client to complete and release painful emotion so they feel more feel more like their authentic Self.

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NW Calgary
By appointment
Karen McPhee Intuitive Soul Sessions
McPhee, Karen

Intuitive Soul Sessions - Workshops

Karen McPhee is an Intuitive Reader, Coach and Teacher also offering Classes & Workshops.

Find more information about her sessions, courses and Free resources that she offers on Karen's website.

You are your own best medicine!

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LunaHolistic Reiki Centre
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Reiki Energy for Life

At LunaHolistic our Reiki Practitioners, as listed on our Brochure, provide 'Reiki Energy for Life'  as well as 'Quantum Healing' for Body, Mind & Spirit through Reiki sessions using this Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.

Reiki lifts you through the stuck energy and emotions holding you back and brings lasting happiness, peace and contentment.

Change is possible. Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams!

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1842 14th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 3S9
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Gawley, Tracy

Tracy Gawley (RMT) opens a sacred healing space during the massage, through the use of sacred music, pacing, rhythm, intention, conscious breathing and awareness, inviting you to fall into a deep relaxation where letting go and re-alignment can naturally occur.

Come with stress and leave with soul!

For More Info:
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Royal Oak - NW CGY
9 am - 6 pm
Mosaic Magazine
Brisson, Connie

Mosaic Magazine

Mosaic Magazine is a Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, dedicated to helping you to find the exact people and resources to support and assist you with every aspect of your life.

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Clarke, Dr. Robert & Juell, Dr. Josephene

Quantum Chiropractic

Quantum Chiropractic uses gentle touches at key locations along the spine to guide you to release patterns of held tensions that have inhibited your healing process.

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48-7930 Bowness Road NW, Calgary, AB, T3B 0H3
Varies by Practitioner
Salt Crystal Health Centre – Salt Air Therapy
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Salt Air Therapy (Halotherapy)

Come experience Salt Air Therapy at our Salt Crystal Health Centre in Calgary, AB, to Strengthen your Immune System, Relieve Respiratory and Skin Conditions And MORE - with Amazing Results!

100% Natural, Safe & Drug -Free

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Sandra A Toms, Specialized Kinesiology
Toms, Sandra A

Energy Tune-Up

Sandra A Toms is an Intuitive Specialized Kinesiologist who helps you align with your highest self.  She helps people of all ages Transform Stress into Success by locating where a body is holding stress and Gently Releasing it.

Sandra also teaches:
~Touch For Health: where you learn to re-balance the body and activate innate healing systems.
~Creating Beneficial Boundaries: for spirit sensitive.
~Living The Life of your Dreams: for those who know they are here for something more.

For More Info:
Visit Sandra's Website 
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Calgary, AB
SierraSil Health Inc.
SierraSil Health Inc.
Melanie Trepanier

Natural pain relief products

SierraSil is a natural mineral complex from the Sierra mountains with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits for the relief of joint pain.

Backed by quality human clinical trials, SierraSil was patented as a nutritional supplement for the treatment of osteoarthritis based on the evidence and offers guaranteed results in 14 days or less!

Join the tens of thousands of Canadians already enjoying life pain-free thanks to SierraSil.

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#530 - 1501 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J4Z6
Monday-Friday 8AM - 4:30PM PST
Susan Letourneau – Intentional Health
Letourneau, Susan

Counseling - Mentoring

Susan Letourneau has been called a 'midlife midwife' because she helps women birth a second half of life which they love even more than the first half.

Transforming Mundane Midlives into Magical & Meaningful!

For more info
Go to:
And check out:
Feel Fabulous Over 50
Discover Your Best Life
Sneak a Peek at Your Inner Plumage


Ward, Tamara

Empowerment Program

Tamara Ward, found of Tigress Empowerment Group, is a Guided Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Belief Reprogramming Facilitator and Energy Worker. She has designed a specific Empowerment Program which includes Channeled Tarot Readings, Belief Reprogramming & Energy Balancing and Body De-Armouring services, with classes & workshops to support your confidence building journey.

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The Healing Collective
as per brochure

The Healing Collective

The Healing Collective: Where Spirit and Healing meet.  Our philosophy is that people are on a magnificent journey: a journey of healing, discovery and balance, transforming ourselves and the world around us.

Our Practitioners:
Wanda Buchleitner-Garstad, Terra Carroll, Gael Carter, Janice Devaney, Jen Engracio, Cheryl Traxler

Services Provided:
Spiritual Guidance, Shamanic Medicine, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Addiction Guidance, Lomi Lomi, The Ceremonial Dance of Life & More.

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16A 416 Meridian Road SE Calgary T2A 1X2