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Birthwyse, Inc. – Nattalia Walkker
Nattalia Walkker

Nattalia Walkker, founder of Birthwyse, Inc. is a Numa Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, Thai Yoga Massage & Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner, and a Birth & Postpartum Doula.

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Cobilt Automotive
Colp, Gary

Gary Colp, owner of Colbit Automotive, has 40+ years experience offering: journeyman license, fully equipped shop, environmentally responsible, personal service, fair & honest pricing, quality parts & work, your mechanic for the everyday person.

114 - 19th Street NW, Calgary, AB
Mon – Thurs 8 am – 5 pm
Quantum Chiropractic at Elan Family Wellness Centre
Clarke, Dr. Robert & Juell, Dr. Josephene

Quantum Chiropractic uses gentle touches at key locations along the spine to guide you to release patterns of held tensions that have inhibited your healing process.

48-7930 Bowness Road NW, Calgary, AB, T3B 0H3
Varies by Practitioner
Evolutionary Astrology with Isabelle Haddow of Ishaddow Astrology
Haddow, Isabelle

Isabelle Haddow, founder of Ishaddow Astrology, provides Evolutionary Astrology readings for Natal Charts, Synastry (Relationship), Children, Transit & Progression, Relocation and Astro.  Isabelle has studied astrology for over 35 years and has focused on and trained in Evolutionary Astrology since the late 1990's.

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Food for Peace Society of Calgary
Food for Peace Society of Calgary

The Food for Peace Society of Calgary is a registered non-profit organization which provide free or reasonably priced vegetarian meals to the needy and general public in Calgary.

P.O. Box 90008 Madigan RPO, Calgary, AB, T2A 7Y8
Handyman for an Hour – Pratt & Sons Construction Services
Brad Pratt

Have a small job that you just can't get to  - or perhaps you don't have the right tools or know-how?  We do small handyman jobs for just $50/HR (plus the cost of materials).

Email or leave a phone message at any time
Healthy Food: Take-out or Delivered, from MADE FOODS
Made Foods

Made Foods provides healthy, convenient options for people living busy lifestyles in our seven CGY locations or order online for delivery to your home.

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Holistic Health Diversified
Michele Conti

Holistic Health Diversified is a Calgary-based company run by a mother/daughter team. We provide a wide variety of health alternatives. To heal one part, you must acknowledge the whole. In Home Consultants, we will come to you!

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Human Design System Readings with Craig MacKay of MetaDynamics Perspectives –
MacKay, Craig

Despite the innate strategies that feel right for an individual, we are typically raised to operate differently than what comes naturally. Being influenced by people, thoughts and energies outside of ourselves often overshadows our inner authority. When this happens, we can lose our sense of self-direction, resulting in conflict, stress, insecurity and dis-ease. Human Design gives you a simple tool that you can rely on to regain your balance and live more authentically.

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Intuitive Cartomancer Readings with Craig Allan of Turning Point Transitions Consulting
Allan, Craig

As an Intuitive Cartomancer, it is my desire to provide card reading sessions that will hold meaning and bring guidance.  A card reading session can help you clarify decisions, make sense of emotions and relationships, clear creative blockages, shed light on ambitions and assist in understanding your life purpose.
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Intuitive Soul Sessions with Karen McPhee
McPhee, Karen

Karen McPhee is an Intuitive Reader, Coach and Teacher offering Intuitive Soul Sessions plus Classes & Workshops.  For individual appointments she has three different Soul Sessions offerings to support you on your journey to wholeness based on where you are and what you are looking for.

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Jodie Hebbard Life Coaching
Jodie Hebbard

Jodie Hebbard is a Certified Life Coach and Career Coach. She has been praised for her ability to inspire and motivate her clients to get “unstuck” by co-creating solid plans and strategies that help them move towards a life filled with joy and purpose.

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Joint Formula 14 – a SierraSil Health Inc. product
Melanie Trepanier

SierraSil is a natural mineral complex from the Sierra mountains with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits for the relief of joint pain.

#530 - 1501 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J4Z6
Monday-Friday 8AM - 4:30PM PST
Kairos Practitioner Calgary AB Kairos Practitioner
Brockhoff, Joy

Joy Brockhoff is a Certified Kairos Practitioner offering sessions in Calgary, Alberta.  Kairos Therapy is a body-centered emotional healing therapy.  Kairos supports the client to complete and release painful emotion so they feel more like their authentic Self.

NW Calgary
By appointment
Ki Connect ENERGY MEDICINE with Jan Hansen
Jan Hansen

I LOVE Energy Medicine - a gentle system of practices which deal with the energy flow of the body/mind. The goal is to remove blockages and restore harmony.  I use muscle testing throughout my sessions to evaluate which combination of practices would be most beneficial for the client.

Maximum Health Wellness Centre
#4, 213-19 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2H9
Massage Therapy with Tracy Gawley
Gawley, Tracy

Tracy Gawley (RMT) opens a sacred healing space during the Massage Therapy session, through the use of sacred music, pacing, rhythm, intention, conscious breathing and awareness, inviting you to fall into a deep relaxation where letting go and re-alignment can naturally occur.

Royal Oak - NW CGY
9 am-7 pm Mon-Sat
By Appointment
MidLife MidWife Susan Letourneau of Intentional Health
Letourneau, Susan

Susan Letourneau, MidLife MidWife helps women birth a second half of life which they love even more than the first half.  She works with women over 50 to resolve challenges, with a special focus on women at a turning point – into or out of relationship, career, empty nest, menopause or looking for greater meaning in life.

By Appointment
Mosaic Magazine
Mosaic Magazine
Brisson, Connie

Mosaic Magazine is a Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, dedicated to helping you to find the exact people and resources to support and assist you with every aspect of your life.

Reiki Sessions at LunaHolistic Reiki Centre
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At LunaHolistic Reiki Centre, our Reiki Practitioners provide 'Reiki Energy for Life'  as well as 'Quantum Healing' for Body, Mind & Spirit through Reiki sessions using this Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.

1842 14th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 3S9
By Appointment
Resonance Repatterning with Suki P Fox
Suki Fox

Resonance Repatterning Sessions shift your energy or resonance with your patterns that have been causing you emotional reactions, negative mental states or a lack of physical well-being. This simple quantum based system uses muscle checking and multiple healing modalities to shift limiting patterns and beliefs.  Shift with Suki!  What will your extraordinary outcome be?

By Appointment
Specialized Kinesiology with Sandra A Toms
Toms, Sandra A

Sandra A Toms is an Intuitive whose Specialized Kinesiology sessions help you align with your highest self.  Sandra helps people of all ages Transform Stress into Success by locating where a body is holding stress and Gently Releasing it.

Calgary, AB
By Appointment
Tamara Ward – Tigress Empowerment Group
Ward, Tamara

Tamara Ward, founder of Tigress Empowerment Group, is a Guided Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Belief Reprogramming Facilitator and Energy Worker.

By Appointment.
The Healing Collective
as per brochure

The Healing Collective: Where Spirit and Healing meet.  Our philosophy is that people are on a magnificent journey: a journey of healing, discovery and balance, transforming ourselves and the world around us.

16A 416 Meridian Road SE Calgary T2A 1X2