Brush with Light Intuitive Readings-Painted, by Deseré Pressey

Brush with Light Intuitive Readings-Painted, by Deseré Pressey
Desere Pressey

Brush with Light Intuitive Readings – Painted, are Psychic-Tarot-Medium readings made into a Work of Art, by Deseré Pressey, Calgary based intuitive artist and painter.  Desere creates each brush with a light painting in collaboration with a hand-selected lightworker. chosen by the client.

These are a beautiful gift to a loved one, a group or in love of Self.

Visit Desere’s website to book your individual or group BRUSH WITH LIGHT experience -or contact her directly for more info at: – 403-875-7165


About Deseré Pressey:
Deseré is a professional artist, curator and cultural events host living and working in Calgary AB with her three children. Her art is collected internationally and represented commercially.

As an empath, she learned to channel the deep well of emotions she gathers through the unspoken language of intuitive art making. This healing process began to speak to her and others years ago when guided messages and prophetic images started to weave into her work.

After many investigative sessions with local light workers, she was met with the affirmation needed to continue with this healing service to those who have come onto her path seeking the connection of this type creative language. She calls this art-making conduit between the physical and non-physical world a Brush With Light.

Brush With Light is currently working with a hand selected group of intuitive readers. We take great care to collaborate with some of the very best readers around, who have a reputation for their incredible insights, but also hold safe space for a feel good experience.

From Deseré:
If you already have a preferred reader you’d like to give your reading, feel free to connect us. I would be happy to meet with you both in my studio and channel your session through paint.

I am interested in exploring the terrain of my paintings as they unfold before me. As an intuitive painter, I enjoy the journey of my work, and feel that allowing freedom for a painting to wander is a metaphor for my ongoing personal evolution towards allowing my life to unfold as a more fluid experience.

I host guided intuitive painting sessions/workshops called ‘Wanderbrush’ for small and mid-sized groups.

Once a month I host a cultural event called Off-Beat Figure Drawing Sessions:

I design immersive artful experiences.

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By appointment.