ENERGY MEDICINE with Jan Hansen – Ki Connect

ENERGY MEDICINE with Jan Hansen – Ki Connect
Jan Hansen

I LOVE Energy Medicine –  a gentle system of practices which deal with the energy flow of the body/mind. The goal is to remove blockages and restore harmony.  I use muscle testing throughout my sessions to evaluate which combination of practices would be most beneficial for the client.

These are a few of the things you may experience in a treatment with me.

Accunect® uses a framework to locate and balance areas of need in the body/mind.  It is a consciousness shift and a healing modality.

BodyTalk™ helps us to recover our internal communication. Areas of need are identified, connected and restored; leading to enhanced well-being.

Light Language is an activation of channelled frequencies.  It involves tapping into multi-dimensional information for healing purposes.

Quantum Touch combines breathing techniques with body-awareness exercises.  The practitioner increases the vibration to a high level of energy surrounding an area of need.

Reflexology involves stimulation of acupressure points on the feet that correspond to specific organs, systems and body parts. Circulation is increased and natural functions are improved and restored.

Reiki accesses and transfers life force energy (ki) to stimulate the healing mechanism of the body/mind complex.


I was blessed to have worked for many years within the non-profit sector as a counselor, group facilitator and educator.  I ran groups for individuals with neurological conditions, showing that physical and emotional symptoms could be relieved using holistic therapies.  These experiences partly led me to pursue a career in energy medicine.

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