Finding The Guru Within – New BOOK by Taron Puri

Finding The Guru Within – New BOOK by Taron Puri
Business: Finding The Guru Within – New BOOK by Taron Puri
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At Last!  Your wait is over  – my Book ‘Finding the Guru Within’ has arrived.

“Engaging”, “Practical”, “Inspiring”, “Timely”, “a great resource in difficult times”, are what readers are saying about Finding the Guru Within.

Do not miss the opportunity to be front of the line for your copy and learn how to break through the barriers to success and happiness.

Here is the link to the ‘Unboxing Video’ when the book arrived:

Finding the Guru Within‘ is part memoir and part inspirational self-help guide on how to live your life, not someone else’s

Mentor, Author, Speaker Taron Puri offers the reader a practical, deeply insightful understanding on how to live a fully empowered, meaningful, and successful life regardless of outer circumstances. Drawing from his experiences based on the teaching of many contemporary teachers, paired with ancient wisdom, Taron show you how to gain mastery in every area of your life by connecting to your Guru Within – your personal source of wisdom, guidance and solutions.

Reclaim your power and live the life you were born to live – NOW.

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Or if you are within Canada and prefer direct ordering via e-transfer, contact Taron at: