Human Design System Readings with Craig MacKay of MetaDynamics Perspectives –

Human Design System Readings with Craig MacKay of MetaDynamics Perspectives –
MacKay, Craig

A Human Design System Reading can help you to understand yourSelf!

Despite the innate strategies that feel right for an individual, we are typically raised to operate differently than what comes naturally. Being influenced by people, thoughts and energies outside of ourselves often overshadows our inner authority. When this happens, we can lose our sense of self-direction, resulting in conflict, stress, insecurity and dis-ease. Human Design gives you a simple tool that you can rely on to regain your balance and live more authentically.

The essence of each person can be represented in a diagram showing centres that correspond to the chakras. Within each centre are gates connecting to channels and circuits that correspond to some aspect of our body, as well as psychological characteristics. Human Design generates this individual map of your inner energies. With this understanding, you can create strategies for life that draw on your inner authority.

How many decisions have you made based on your conditioning, instead of what comes naturally from within? The more often you misread or abandon you inner authority, the more likely it is you will find frustration. Keen awareness of your true nature can help you;
• Free yourself from uncertainty
• Learn what your natural rhythms are
• Find understanding and reduce conflicts
• Identify positive & negative cycles in your life
• Discover the root of your actions & reactions

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