Intuitive Soul Sessions with Karen McPhee – Currently Online or Phone

Intuitive Soul Sessions with Karen McPhee – Currently Online or Phone
Business: Intuitive Soul Sessions with Karen McPhee – Currently Online or Phone
Contact Name: McPhee, Karen

During the COVID-19 social isolation time, Karen is available for online or phone sessions.

Intuitive Soul Sessions with Karen McPhee.
Karen has three different offerings to support you on your journey to wholeness based on where you are and what you are looking for. In all of these sessions, you enter into the sacred space of the heart together to connect with your higher wisdom and bring forth the guidance, direction and healing that will most support your path forward. These sessions also involve a Divine Mother heart activation which helps you reawaken the inner joy and deep wisdom of your deeper being and become rooted in your heart.  You then can live centered in the heart.

EACH PRIVATE SESSION typically involves some combination of the following:
Intuitive soul sessions help you connect more deeply with spirit to illuminate your path of highest freedom and fulfillment. These sessions assist you with getting clarity about your current life situation and guidance on moving into greater awareness and freedom.

EMBODIMENT COACHING SESSIONS help you more fully awaken and embody spiritual realization. These sessions are particularly helpful for those on the spiritual journey, looking to integrate spiritual wisdom and presence into every day life and find one’s right livelihood.  Healing sessions help you clear emotional or mental patterns and support the body with physical healing.

Karen is available for Skype, phone or in-person sessions:

  • Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm from her office in central Calgary. Click here to view Karen’s online schedule of availability.
  • If the day or time you would like is not available, please,  email Karen to request an alternative meeting day or time.
  • Evening and weekend sessions available by request.

Sessions are by phone, Skype, or in person. Visit the Sessions page of her website for more details, or contact Karen. For in-person sessions in Calgary, Karen is also available at Soul Food Crystals & Books.

Karen regularly offers both in-person and online workshops. Check out the Schedule page of her website for a listing of current workshops including:

Ongoing Divine Mother Heart Transmission weekly online group

Goddess Empowerment workshops and classes

Blue Ray Christ Light Healing workshops

Visit the Audio page of Karen’s website for free meditation downloads.

Karen’s spiritual journey has been long and eventful, with many insights, realizations and awakenings. She was blessed by the influence and support of wonderful teachers including Joel Goldsmith, Eckhart Tolle and Pamela Wilson.  After working intensely with Eckhart for a time, he invited her to teach with his blessing.

“Karen holds the consciousness frequency of Presence with grace and gentleness, thus facilitating the emergence and growth of Presence within each participant. My love and blessings go to her and all the wonderful people attending her sessions.”  Eckhart Tolle

After many years and much investigation, Karen came home to the truth that freedom can only be found within. She offers group and private sessions to assist others in returning to the natural state of heart centered wholeness. Karen now works with the powerful healing grace of the Divine Mother Heart Transmission which profoundly deepens one’s heart connection and awakening.

Visit Karen’s website at for more information about her sessions, and to view her current class schedule.

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Address: Calgary AB
Hours: By Appointment