Reiki Sessions at LunaHolistic Reiki Centre

Reiki Sessions at LunaHolistic Reiki Centre
Business: Reiki Sessions at LunaHolistic Reiki Centre
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At LunaHolistic Reiki Centre, our Reiki Practitioners provide ‘Reiki Energy for Life’  as well as ‘Quantum Healing’ for Body, Mind & Spirit through Reiki sessions using this Divinely Guided Life Force Energy.

Reiki lifts you through the stuck energy and emotions holding you back and brings lasting happiness, peace and contentment.  Once you step through the doors, you will fell the energy that we are creating here.  We are a team of very skilled Reiki practitioners, masters and teachers.  We are dedicated t our own spiritual practice because we’re in this gig for a lifetime.  That means that you get5 an amazing session every time.

All healing is essentially self-healing.  We support you in your quest to find out what makes you come alive, feel truly happy and peaceful and live your p[rpose.

Change is possible. Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams!

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Address: #105, 2003 14 St NW, T2T 3S9
Hours: By Appointment