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Maureen McRae – Nurture Health & Wellness
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Message from Maureen McRae:

Hello, beautiful soul.

I am an intuitive guide and healer with over 37 years experience in the healing arts. I work with individuals who are ready to take their lives to the next level.

Through my work I help support the body’s innate healing ability using a variety of modalities.  I clear and optimize the energetic field, release deep-seated patterns of emotional imbalance and open and strengthen intuitive abilities. I work with my clients to bring balance on the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual level. I also provide intuitive guidance for my clients regarding decisions that are most optimal, to help bring their lives into alignment and best support their health, relationships, career, and more.

I see clients who struggle on many levels. They may have tried conventional medicine or other therapeutic modalities yet are not achieving the results they seek. I help them understand that their physical symptoms are not the root cause, they are a sign of disruption on a mental/emotional and spiritual level.

When we don’t embrace our intuitive abilities or spiritual guidance, we can suffer unnecessarily. When there is resistance or imbalance in one’s energetic field, the body perceives this as stress. We may experience physical pain or disease. Our body can feel heavy or burdened. Symptoms such as fatigue, achiness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, thyroid and adrenal imbalance, headache, digestive upset, insomnia, low libido are common. Treating physical symptoms may only offer temporary relief, however.

This is why I focus on a wholistic approach. Through my work I embrace the whole person; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. I combine my vast experience as a Registered Nurse with my training in energy healing, intuitive channelling, herbology, iridology, Heartspeak, Muscle Response Testing, yoga, Reiki, dowsing and more, to best support my clients in reaching their highest potential.

My approach is compassionate and gentle. I don’t believe in overloading my clients with supplements. Through energy work, intuitive counselling, flower essences, herbs, teas and diet and lifestyle changes as guided, I gently support the shift. We work together to set intentions for healing and align with the most optimal approach.

One of the most powerful paths I can take a client on is to help them embrace their intuitive gifts and teach them to use and trust them. We were taught to shut down and fear our intuitive abilities, but this is extremely damaging to a person’s soul. Our intuitive abilities are gifts meant to support and empower us.

When you shift into embracing your truth and living authentically, new worlds open up to you. You feel better, your mind is clear, your body supports you, your energy and enthusiasm increase, you make better, more empowering decisions and you feel unstoppable as you align with your best and highest good. You realize how supported and loved you really are by Spirit.

As a successful career woman all my life, I was a single mom raising two children, including one with special needs. I understand the demands people face raising their families, managing career and how important self-care, stress reduction and natural wellness are to optimal living.

I bring my vast knowledge of Western and Energy Medicine to my clients. A registered nurse for 32 years, I worked in various health care settings including Oncology, Intensive Care/Trauma, Cardiovascular Research and more. I have studied herbalism, iridology, BioEnergetic Medicine and Systemic Family Constellation. I am a Certified Heartspeak and Muscle Response Testing Practitioner. I am also a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Usui and Lightarean Reiki Master and Akashic Record Reader. I am the owner of Nurture Health & Wellness – a healing oasis for those seeking respite from the modern world. My practice continues to grow and evolve.

I am passionate about and committed to my work in which I provide empowerment for those seeking balance and wholeness so they can live a healthy, abundant life. I believe it is time to shed old ways that are fear based and invite more love and a deeper connection to self and others, creating unity in this world. In every moment we can consciously choose the paradigm to which we give our focus, time and energy.

It would be my honour to support you on your journey.

Love and blessings,


Address: Calgary, AB
Hours: By Appointment