Peter Tilma – Life Strategist & Intuitive Counselor

Peter Tilma – Life Strategist & Intuitive Counselor
Business: Peter Tilma – Life Strategist & Intuitive Counselor
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Peter Tilma Life Strategist is also an Intuitive Counsellor and Inspirational speaker.  He believes in the empowerment of the individual and giving them the tools to regain control over their life.  Peter advocates for the metaphysical world and the important relationship between the mind and the soul. His objective is to empower people by providing them with the tools to build a healthy relationship between their mind and their soul.

With over 25 years of experience in intuitive counseling, Peter has created a unique approach to dealing with many health, relationship or mental issues. He believes that we are missing the tools how to help ourselves heal our own problems and that ‘Empowerment’ is the key to rebuilding the self-esteem.

In Peter’s words:
My transforming the mind journey started in 1985 after a short but intense physical challenge, I was tasked with the exploration of an alternative reality as the “traditional health system” was unable to help me. After several years of personal searching and growing I was ready to share my knowledge with the world.

We opened of “The Healing House” in Kensington, Calgary in 1995 and operated this groundbreaking clinic for 10 years. We believe that the human experience is more than the physical experience and all our colleagues supported each other in creating a greater awareness around this.  Even today when this reality we live in is greatly challenged.

I have come to realize that we are mentally not in control and as long as we do not accept this, our physical experience will reflect this back to us in the form of relationship and physical challenges. Yes, we have the right to believe and create whatever it is we believe in, but when that reality falls apart we do not have the right to blame the world. We are the creators of our own reality and we are all victims of the choices our ancestors have given us. We live today in a reality that holds some devastating beliefs with very painful and tragic results and unless we as individuals start empowering ourselves with the right information and tools to create a healthy and authentic relationship with the self, nothing is going to change in fact it is only getting worse as today’s reality is proof of that.

My goal is to empower and help people to heal their own pain and give them the tools to create that reality they were meant to live. I always ask, who are you why are you here and what is it you are meant to experiencing?  You are in control of your reality; you just don’t have the right information.

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