SENSES Mindfulness Coaching – Bonnie Kowaliuk

SENSES Mindfulness Coaching – Bonnie Kowaliuk
SENSES Mindfulness Coaching

SENSES Mindfulness Coaching supports client goals to achieve:

  • Optimizing Mental Health (depression, anxiety, trauma)
  • Increased Focus, Attention & Concentration
  • Social/Emotional
  • Stress and Sleep Management

 Bonnie Kowaliuk, BA, BMT, MBA, MTA, RSW

  • An eclectic mindfulness coach and leadership consultant
  • Accreditations as registered social worker, accredited music therapist and business leadership consultant
  • Employs brain-based approaches to learning, transformational leadership, health and wellness
  • Designated as a Fellow of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (a music integrated mindfulness and psychotherapeutic approach to support health and wellness, optimal learning and performance)

SENSES Mindfulness Coaching aims to:

  • Empower clients with the capacity to heal and support health
  • Employ interventions that integrate music & mindfulness practices that support the reduction of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, grief/complex loss and other related mental/physical health issues
  • Enhance one’s ability to cope and function optimally, personally and professionally.
  • Engages with the client’s inner resources and innate ways of knowing;
  • Enlighten and increase self-awareness (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)
  • Equips the individual to discover how to tap into the body/psyche’s natural ways to restore homeostasis and balance to systems which are taxed and stressed by multiple variables.

Bonnie brings the Bonny Method to life….
Bonnie, over the course of the past 7 years, has been working with individuals, groups & organizations who want to understand how to access other ways of healing and learning, steeped brain-based learning & leadership approaches designed transform individuals and whole systems.  She and her company are about building capacity to support, optimize & transform health (physical and psychological), education and leadership systems, one person, one team and one community at a time.   Music integrated mindfulness techniques when paired with the skillful art of conscious coaching can empower and support optimal health, educational, leadership & mental health.  If you, your team and organization are seeking to manage growth, change and reinvent new ways of thinking, believing and responding in a fast paced, unpredictable world that is continuously evolving and shifting …. then she invites you to embark on this evolutionary journey into making the unconscious, conscious!

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