Society of Healing Touch Program Alberta & LOCAL PRACTITIONERS

Society of Healing Touch Program Alberta & LOCAL PRACTITIONERS
Business: Society of Healing Touch Program Alberta & LOCAL PRACTITIONERS
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The Society of Healing Touch Program Alberta promotes the Healing Touch Program through Leadership, Education, Information, and Community Projects by bringing Healing Touch Program into our communities and providing educational and personal growth opportunities for those in Healing Touch Program.  The SHTPA contributes to founder Janet Mentgen’s dream of Healing Touch in every home, school, and hospital by “Just doing the work”.

About Healing Touch:

How Does it Work?
Healing Touch Program (HTP) Practitioners use a variety of light-touch and no-touch techniques to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, creating an optimal environment that engages the bodies natural relaxation response for healing to take place.

People of any age can benefit from these gentle techniques. Healing Touch can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Whether one’s health concerns are acute or chronic.

Healing Touch can be used to: Promote relaxation, reduce pain, manage stress, speed tissue and bone healing, and strengthen the immune system.

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About the Healing Touch Program – World Wide Leaders in Energy Medicine
The Healing Touch Program™ (HTP) is an international, multi-level educational program in energy based medicine therapy.

The HTP curriculum progresses from beginning to advanced practice. As a professionally accredited program, the curriculum encompasses increasing levels of practice and techniques, code of ethics and scope of practice.

HTP is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA). Practitioners and Instructors are certified through an independent certification process. When one completes the Healing Touch Program (after Level 5), they may apply for certification.  HTP Certified Practitioners are recognized internationally as having achieved a professional level of energetic therapy competence.

Healing Touch Program is a Certified and Accredited (Find Details on our website)
When choosing a practitioner or course of study, Healing Touch Program has the framework to support you as you develop.   HTP is Certified and Accredited, meaning you can trust that your practitioner and instructors are held responsible by a code of ethics and course of study.   HTP is different from other complimentary care options as it has gone through the rigour and process to attain such valued designations.

Grow Your Career With Us – Continuing Education (CE) credits
As a professional, Healing Touch Program does qualify for Continuing Education credits and can compliment an already thriving practice in massage, health care, nursing.

We Teach All Over the World
Alberta is a leader in Energy Medicine and has the finest educators right here in the Province to help you build a career in this growing field.

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We are Active in the Community
The Society of Healing Touch Program is a not for profit registered society. With the support of government grants and private donations we are actively working to advance Energy Medicine and Healing Touch in Alberta’s communities. 

Be the Change You Want to See in the World!

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Address: Calgary and Southern Alberta
Hours: By Appointment, specific to each practitioner