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John Theobold, of The GNM Solution, offers private coaching and consulting sessions, as well as seminars based on the research of Dr. R G Hamer, MD who developed German New Medicine.

Learn how your emotions affect your health.

Emotions can trigger cancer and heart disease.  These are the leading causes of death in North American folledby the medical profession.  Associated uninsured expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy.


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The lifetime risk of developing or dying from cancer refers to the chance a person has of being diagnosed with or dying from cancer.


Corona Crisis?

We are witnessing a rapidly changing social and economic landscape as never before, affecting absolutely everybody.

Following is some factual information that challenges main stream thought, both allopathic and alternative. No speculation, no conspiracy, just some thoughtful facts and questions. This should help you negotiate these challenging times.

Nothing here is meant to diminish the seriousness of the situation.

Think about it – draw your own conclusions. This message is intentionally brief. More detail and references can be found at the website linked at the end for those who have questions and are drawn to go deeper.

Believe nothing, no matter where you have read it or who has said it,
not even me, unless it resonates with your own thinking and common sense

Is this virus really the threat it’s made out to be ? Or is there something else at play ?

Much of modern medical thinking about viruses and other microbes is questionable.

The Human Microbiome Project (HMP) was a United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) research initiative to improve understanding of the microbial flora involved in human health and disease. Launched in 2007, the first phase (HMP1) focused on identifying and characterizing human microbial flora.

Much of our cellular makeup is microbial – estimates range from 50% to 90%. Regardless of where you settle on this line, a large number of cells in our body are bacteria, yeasts, parasites and yes viruses according to the Human Microbiome Project.

It is hypothesized that bacteria appeared around 1.8 billion years ago, viruses around 1.5 billion years ago and humans around 66 million years ago. Microbes were here first. What if we all evolved symbiotically ? It doesn’t make sense that these microbes would attack us. If that were the case, we would never have survived. What if they have a positive role to play in our bodies ?

The human population has grown steadily over the millenia. Over the last 200 years the population has exploded growing from aprox 1 billion to almost 8  billion. How could that happen if we carry pathogenic microbes (viruses) in our body ?

Note the date this project started 2007 – the attack on microbes started more than two centuries earlier with Dr Edward Jenner who in 1796 administered the first vaccine against smallpox.

Knowing this, does the indiscriminate use of pharmaceutical antibiotics and vaccines make sense ? All developed without a full and complete knowledge of the human microbiome ?

How is a virus diagnosed ?
This is a big question, an important question. You will find that there is no direct, positive and fool proof diagnostic tool to isolate a virus in the human body. Without isolation and identification, would you not question causation? Are you becoming concerned, perhaps a bit suspicious ?
Several respected scientists and professionals have examined this question  …

Dr Stefan Lanka PhD Virologist
Dr Lanka appeared twice before the German Supreme Court to challenge the medical community over the existence of a virus. The first time concerning HIV and the second time measles. He was supported both times with the court, confirming that there was no proof that these viruses existed.

Dr Etienne de Harven MD PhD “By 1970 however, and in spite of a most extensive, worldwide research effort, not a single virus was ever demonstrated by Transmission Electron Microscopy …”

Dr R G Hamer MD
For the better part of 40 years, Dr Hamer studied the relationship between emotional trauma and disease – one of his conclusions was that a virus, if it exists, participates in healing and repair processes in our body. He showed that the flu is the result of an emotional upset (this is all about your subconscious belief system).

Much of modern medicine is based on the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur.
Several books have been published showing that Pasteur was wrong.

There is no hard science to substantiate the existence of medically significant viruses.

So what is really going on ? What is making people sick ?

As of the 20th of March, the WORLDOMETER website reports 11,000 + deaths worldwide as a result of the Corona virus (COVID-19) This includes almost 3,500 in Italy – slightly more than China (3248). However, a report from the Italian Higher Institute of Health contradicts that Italian number. “There may be only two people who died from corona virus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute …”

In many cases the cause of death is the opinion of the examining doctor at the time of death.


Then what are these people dying of you may ask ?

The answer; Conventional causes and complications.

Things you need to know

The WORLDOMETER website reports that 56 million people died, worldwide, in 2017 thats 153,000 / day from all causes.

Jon Rappoport reports “[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001 — 61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”

Statistics can be grossly distorted.

If a recent death presents with several pathological conditions – including a (corona) virus, what will the pathologist list as the cause of death ? You must ask what purpose would be served by selecting one over the other ?

Dr Barbara Starfield reports 250,000 deaths / yr in America due to medical misadventure. This information appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in July 2000.

The US Food and Drug Administration reports 100,000 annual deaths from properly prescribed and administered pharmaceutical drugs.

Ron Paul reports that “tuberculosis, an old disease not much discussed these days, killed nearly 1.6 million people in 2017.”

So, the big question now is why the hysteria around Corona (a flu virus) and not the “regular” flu which appears to be deadlier?

Why is the entire planet seemingly headed for lockdown ?

Is universal and mandatory vaccination on the horizon ?

Is this the answer ?

Stay tuned … a vaccine is on the way.

For more details

How can you be certain that the information presented here is not just as biased as that of “conventional” medicine.

You cannot be certain. Everyone must gain the truth in their own way. If you want to know something you must look at all the premises yourself, listen to all the arguments yourself, and then decide for yourself what seems to be the most likely answer. You may be easily led astray if you ask the authorities to do this work for you.

This is also the answer to those who wonder why even honest doctors and scientists are misled. And it is also the answer to those who after reading this information, ask the same question.

Adapted from Uffe Ravenskov MD PhD
Author of: The Cholesterol Myths
Exposing the fallacy that saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease


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