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Corconnection HeartMath Coaching-Training with Arlene Olson
Olson, Arlene
Calgary, AB
By Appointment
Massage Therapy with Tracy Gawley
Gawley, Tracy

Tracy Gawley (RMT) opens a sacred healing space during the Massage Therapy session, through the use of sacred music, pacing, rhythm, intention, conscious breathing and awareness, inviting you to fall into a deep relaxation where letting go and re-alignment can naturally occur.

Royal Oak – NW CGY
Mon-Fri 9 am-8 pm, Sat 9 am-1 pm
By Appointment
MidLife MidWife Susan Letourneau of Intentional Health
Letourneau, Susan

Susan Letourneau, MidLife MidWife helps women birth a second half of life which they love even more than the first half.  She works with women over 50 to resolve challenges, with a special focus on women at a turning point – into or out of relationship, career, empty nest, menopause or looking for greater meaning in life.

By Appointment
SENSES Mindfulness Coaching – Bonnie Kowaliuk
SENSES Mindfulness Coaching

SENSES Mindfulness Coaching supports clients to achieve personal & professional goals relative to: Optimizing Mental Health (Depression/ Anxiety); Attaining focused attention & concentration; Social/Emotional Learning & Development; Stress and Sleep Management

3116-4th Street NW
By appointment
Deanna STrandquist - Wind Haven Consulting
Wind Haven Consulting

Come to Wind Haven Consulting and Deanna Strandquist to work with a Shaman, to change your life.  Services include: Private Shaman Consultations, Ceremonies (of your choice), Color Therapy, Community Events, Metamorphosis Program, Self Care Recovery Program and more.

Calgary, AB