Calgary Dowsers Aug 8, 2018 Meeting with David Stratford

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8 Aug 2018
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Inglewood Community Hall

Calgary Dowsers

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Join us at our Calgary Dowsers Aug 8-2018 meeting with guest speaker: David Stratford, presenting, “I Don’t Know”.

The conclusion of a speech is that everyone walks away and leaves with a deeper understanding for themselves.  I am an impromptu speaker.  My background concerns many aspects: Ascended master connection – energy healing – platform work – mediumship – intuitive counseling – psychometry – toast mastering – intuitive messages – psychic messages – personal experiences – channeled information – extending lifespans and futures – connections with light beings and any extraordinary subjectivity – written readings.  Self-taught master.

Registration: Members $10.00 – Guests $13.00
Come out and join us!
You will be welcomed.

‘Calgary Dowsers’ meets on the second Wed of each month, to hear informative teachers, new way thinkers & cutting edge, informed speakers.  At our monthly meetings, you can hear the latest information on a wide and diverse variety of esoteric topics.  We don’t only talk about Dowsing, but recognize that when we’re working with the Universal Laws, we are dealing with many, diverse subjects.

We are the best value in the city for presenting unique hard to find esoteric information, deep-thinkers, thought explorers, new possibilities, self-healing opportunities, spiritual awareness, assisting you in awakening to your own power, and in sharing your path with like-minds, AND we support you in learning How to Dowse!

For more information about Calgary Dowser:
Phone: 403-217-2702

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