Calgary Dowsers Feb 13, 2019 Monthly Meeting

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13 Feb 2019
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Calgary Dowsers

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Calgary Dowsers Feb 13-2019 Meeting with guest speaker Brad Mummery.  

World traveler and adventurer, member of the Ancient Explorers Club.  He will keep you spellbound with his stories of Bosnian Pyramids, Hindu Gods and E.T’s. Brad Mummery is an Explorer, Adventurer,  Amateur Archeologist, and Master Scuba Diver.  He has a B.A. in History and Ancient Civilizations from the University of Calgary.  He is a member of the Ancient Explorers Club and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

His first interest in Ancient Civilizations started in 1974 when he first saw the movie, “Chariots of the Gods”.  He then read the book by Eric von Daniken and was fortunate enough to meet Eric at his Jungfrau Theme Park in Interlaken Switzerland in July of 2015.

Brad has traveled to 6 continents and been to over 27 Archeological sites around the world including the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines in Peru, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Altun Ha in Belize, Yonaguni off Okinawa near Japan, The Pyramids of Bosnia, and the Ancient city of Dwarka in India.   He enjoys Ancient Mysteries and using science to search for the Truth.

REGISTRATION: Members $10.00 – Guests $13.00

LOCATION: Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 – 24 Avenue SE


Calgary Dowsers hosts:
informative teachers, new way thinkers & cutting edge, informed speakers and you can hear the latest information on a wide and diverse variety of esoteric topics.  We don’t only talk about Dowsing, but recognize that when we’re working with the Universal Laws, we are dealing with many, diverse subjects.

Calgary Dowsers is a group of:

  • Energetically powerful people who practice and support others who practice the healing arts.
  • People who enjoy the opportunity to get together monthly and to share in the costs of doing so.
  • People with whom you can discuss ALL matters of ‘Different Topics’, many which are usually not spoken about in regular circles.
  • People with whom you can share your personal experiences in the adventurous world of The Divine. To us, it is ALL Okay.

We offer you:

  • Informed and effective speakers
  • Opportunity to learn and practice your dowsing
  • Opportunity to visit with and discuss dowsing with fellow dowsers
  • Discounts on National Questers Dowsing Conferences

For more information about Calgary Dowsers:
Phone: 403-217-2702

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