Calgary Public Hearing on Fluoridation, July 24, 2019 at City Council Chamber

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24 Jul 2019
12:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Calgary Municipal Building – City Council Chamber

Fluoride Opposition

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Safe Water Calgary

Come to the City of Calgary July 24-2019 Fluoride Hearing to let our city councilors know that Artificial Water Fluoridation (AWF) is not safe, effective or ethical. 

START TIME: 12:30 pm, ALTHOUGH please REGISTER at to RECEIVE UPDATES, as times may change.

Do you have 5 minutes to TAKE ACTION to Protect Your FREEDOM OF CHOICE?

See for the actions below, to write to city council and more:

 Contacting Calgary Council members and the Mayor to voice your concerns.

 Making a 5 minute presentation to council when they announce any public hearing.

 Subscribing to our mailing list for updates:


 All citizens have the right to safe, clean, un-medicated water. It is a human right.

  Fluoride is highly toxic, and it is not ethical to force a toxic substance on people. Water fluoridation denies a person’s right of choice and informed consent. 

 Fluoride is not necessary for a single body function. 

Water is a basic human need. Chemicals added to make water safe for human consumption is one thing. Chemicals or medicines added to treat the people drinking the water is very different. 

 When medicine is delivered by water, there is no control of dose or dosage for a drug, no matter what the concentration. 

 Babies get a much higher dose of toxic fluoride when formula is made from fluoridated water, which has as much as 200 times the amount of fluoride as mother’s breast milk. 

 There are better, proven, and safer ways to provide fluoride such as fluoridated toothpaste, rinses, mouthwashes, foams, varnishes, gels and inexpensive fluoride supplements. Published research shows that children living in regions without fluoridated water are already ingesting too much fluoride. Toothpaste companies specifically offer non fluoridated toothpaste choices that are marketed as safe to swallow.

 Swallowing fluoride delivers it to the entire body-the brain and neurological system, the thyroid, bones, kidneys-and potentially causes harm to these and all organs and systems.

 Unfortunately, the poor, babies, children, elderly, chronically ill, and people of colour are most susceptible to side effects of fluoridation. 

 Natural calcium fluoride is toxic, but it is found in small amounts in our rivers. However, what is commonly used for water fluoridation is a toxic substance from the industrial waste stacks in the USA and China. 

 Over 97% of BC, Quebec and Europe are not fluoridated and enjoy dental health as good as or better than fluoridated areas. Less than 6% of the world is fluoridated, and less than 40% of Canada.

 Over 4,800 professionals globally have had the courage to sign an open letter against fluoridation. 

 Fluorosis, or toxic damage to teeth from too much fluoride, has skyrocketed among teens in the heavily fluoridated USA, particularly moderate to severe fluorosis, costing thousands of dollars per patient to repair. Currently, conventionally grown and processed foods and drinks contain significant amounts of fluoride.

 Medicating your neighbours by plebiscite is a poor way to practice medicine. 

 Calgary could follow the highly effective Scottish Child Smile program as an alternative to water fluoridation to make our kids much more healthy head to toe, not just their teeth. 

99% of fluoridated water is not consumed and goes back into the environment unchecked. The tax dollars saved from putting a toxic treatment in our water could be better utilized for more effective interventions.

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