The Four Gateways – ISM 2019 Online Program

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6 Feb 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM



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Institute of Shamanic Medicine

Take The Four Gateways 2019 Online Program through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine and Discover Your Sacred Medicine Within!

CLASSES BEGIN: Feb 6th and go to Apr 3rd, 2019.

The Four Gateways program is a journey of finding your sacred medicine – the medicine or gifts within you that assist you in your personal life walk and are also a giveaway and gift to life and others. There are four major gateways (or pathways) in shamanism that illuminate one’s life-walk. These are the energetic pathways of your sacred dream and what your spirit self (or dreamer) and Spirit are guiding you to do. For more info, please contact

Some questions you may ask are, “What is my medicine walk?” “What journey is my spirit self asking me to walk?” “How is it different than what I am doing today?” “How can I wake up that place of sacred guidance within me and keep the communication pathways between myself and Spirit open?” “What can my own personal medicine wheel tell me about how to walk out my vision?”

The Four Gateways Program will help you to find the answer to all of these questions. It is comprised of 7 online group classes and 3 individual consultations with Gael Crystal Light Warrior, the Director of the Institute of Shamanic Medicine who has been studying and teaching the Ways of Medicine Wheels and Shamanic Pathways for almost 30 years. During this 6-month program you will have specific assignments and ceremonies to assist you in finding your gateway and walking through that gateway with the life tools needed to walk your path and actualize your dreams.

You begin to truly know the depth of your sacred dream when you are unsure whether you are dreaming the dream or the dream is dreaming you!

The Four Gateways Program is for you if you:

  • Want to know your medicine giveaway and gifts in this lifetime
  • Desire to walk your own life-path in a deeper and more meaningful way
  • Know that you have a legacy to leave to others
  • Are curious about shamanism and shamanic medicine
  • Know that the timing of growth and evolution within you is NOW
  • Desire to deepen the path of medicine you already walk
  • Enjoy both the group experiential process and the one-to-one journey
  • Just need to grow more now!
  • Need to make a jump in your spiritual evolution
  • Know that you need to strengthen your connection to your “Path with Heart”
  • Desire to combine shamanism with the other spiritual ways you walk

What you will gain

  • A foundation in shamanism
  • A map of your particular medicine pathway (and giveaway) and how to move along it
  • Clarity about your life path so you always know you are on the right path
  • Tools and techniques to help you when you feel your path has roadblocks (either from within or without)
  • Inspiration of the gift of this incarnation
  • Your own personal medicine wheels guiding your vision
  • Inner Growth and Evolution
  • Elimination of any blocks that stop your journey
  • Your personal medicine

While this online program is NOT a prerequisite, it is great foundational work for the Shamanic Power Initiations Program.

We offer 4 Gateways students a $300.00 discount off the Shamanic Power Initiations Program if they register for the SPI program in Vancouver or Calgary after the completion of the online course. Registration for the Shamanic Power Initiations Program must be done in the same calendar year.

For More Information including Full Poster & Video and To Register, please contact

For more info about the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, go to:

The Four Gateways Program (Online)

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