How to Train Your Dragon Part 3, Oct 21, 2019 with Karen Neuls at Soul Food Crystals & Books

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18 Nov 2019
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Soul Food Crystals & Books


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Soul Food Crystals & Books

Join us for our Nov 18-2019 Dragon Class Part  3, at Soul Food Crystals & Books with facilitator, Karen Neuls.

Full Class Title: How to Train Your Dragon Part 3: Rainbow Dragons

Cost: $44 + GST.

Register Online, come into the store, call us at 403-270-0410 or email us

We all know when we see a Rainbow that our heart leaps with joy and wonder.  This is a gift and sign the Divine is speaking to us.

When we ask for the Rainbow Dragons to work with us, they help open up new doors and opportunities for you and maybe the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This pot of gold may be abundance, but it also may be your own ancient wisdom that is waiting for you to rediscover.

Magic and miracles are always in the air when we work with Rainbow Dragons.

The Rainbow Dragons will bless you with their rainbow energy into your crown chakra to help you open the gate of opportunities or wisdom that you are needing.

Visit our website to learn more about Soul Food Crystals & Books ALL that we have to offer.

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