LEARN REIKI LEVEL I ONLINE, Sundays, Sep 18 to Nov 20, 2020 with Kyla Shepherd of LunaHolistic

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18 Sep 2020
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM




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LunaHolistic   http://lunaholistic.com/team/kyla-shepherd/#courses

Learn Reiki I Sep 18-Nov 20_2020, Online, with Kyla Shepherd, Usui Reiki Master trained in the LunaHolistic Lineage.

Reiki Level I Event Description:

Reiki is energy healing. It helps you align with your spirit and balance your chakras and energy field. When that happens, a beautiful world opens up for you. You feel more resilient, happy, and centred.

Learning Reiki will help you create a powerful self-care practice that will transform and nurture every corner of your life. In our classes, we teach you meditation techniques and energy practices that tap you into your intuition.

You learn to ground your energy so you feel supported, and clear your ‘bubble’, your aura, so you feel calm even when everyone else is freaking out. Reiki helps you get clear and stay clear, completely tuned into your soul and spirit.

We teach our Level I course over 8 classes, with a focus on one chakra each week. The last class is dedicated to your aura, an important energy field that helps you filter out other people’s energy and emotions.

(Note: due to COVID, classes are held primarily online for safety, with small, in-person practicum sessions booked separately)

Chakras are energy centres that are connected to every area of your life. When your chakras and aura are clear and flowing, you can access your greater wisdom, move through emotions, and find a calm and peaceful balance in your life.

Reiki Level I – $750 (including GST)
Fridays, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Sept 18 to Nov 20, 2020

Class Schedule:

  • Root – September 18
  • Sacral – September 25
  • Solar Plexus – October 2 (no class Oct 9)
  • Heart – October 16
  • Throat – October 23 (no class Oct 30)
  • Third eye – November 6
  • Crown –  November 13
  • Aura – November 20

Kyla Shepherd will be your teacher for this course held online over Zoom. In-person practicum classes will be booked separately as COVID safety allows at our beautiful healing space at LunaHolistic. Kyla is a Usui Reiki Master and is certified in the LunaHolistic lineage. She loves Reiki and is so happy to share this life-changing modality with you.

Explore what Reiki can do for you at our website and learn more about where Reiki training can take you (Level I is just the magical beginning!!)

Learn more about Reiki: http://lunaholistic.com/courses/level-i/

Learn more about Kyla here: http://lunaholistic.com/team/kyla-shepherd/

Register online: http://lunaholistic.com/team/kyla-shepherd/#courses

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