How to Train Your Dragon Part 1, Sep 23, 2019 with Karen Neuls at Soul Food Crystals & Books

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23 Sep 2019
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Soul Food Crystals & Books


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Soul Food Crystals & Books

Join us for our Sep 23-2019 Dragon Class Part 1, at Soul Food Crystals & Books with facilitator, Karen Neuls.

Full Class Title: How to Train Your Dragon Part 1: Rose Pink Dragons

Cost: $44 + GST.

Register Online, come into the store, call us at 403-270-0410 or email us

Experience the true value of healing with the Rose Pink Dragons and the healing presence of the Goddess Mother Mary.

Mother Mary carries an abundance of beautiful rays of grace and healing, while the Rose Pink Dragons that are from the Angelic Realm, offer to help heal your hearts, helping to raise your frequency, dusting off the cobwebs where we might still carry some closed part of our hearts, while assisting to help heal the inner child from any emotional wounds surrounding abandonment, self acceptance and self worth.

These Dragons will help activate your heart chakra to help connect your heart to the higher vibrational realms so you can connect with the love of the universe and feel deserving of love, because love is deserving of you!

Visit our website to learn more about Soul Food Crystals & Books ALL that we have to offer.

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