Touch for Health Level 1 Class, Apr 13-14, 2019 in Calgary, AB

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Date(s) - 13 Apr 2019 until 14 Apr 2019
9:15 AM - 6:15 PM


2-day Course

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Take the Touch For Health Apr 13-14_2019 Level 1 class with Sandra Toms, Certified Instructor, in Calgary, AB.

This  2-day class begins at 9:15 and ends at 6:15 each day.

For this Touch for Health (TFH) class is based on 16 hours of instruction.


  • Discover Touch for Health Intro Demo: Apr 28, Jun 23
  • Student Meet-up, Practice & Review: Apr 28, Jun 23
  • Accurate Muscle Testing for Food & Supplements: Apr 11 or 20
  • Touch for Health Level 1 – Foundations: Apr 13-14, Jun 14-15
  • Touch for Health Level 2 – One Point balancing: Mar 23-24,  May 4-5, Jun 16-17

Touch for Health is, the foundation for many corrective Energy modalities…If you are in the Health and Wellness Industry — or someone who just who just wants to live a happy, healthy life — Touch for Health is a class that teaches WHOLE-BODY WELLNESS.

You owe it to yourself to discover this powerful system.

Finally you can learn to speak the language of the body, communicate with your inner physician, and activate your power to align body mind and spirit to your highest physical and energetic potential.

This is the best time ever to invest in yourself, your health, & your career.  You don’t want to miss out on the program that has for decades been inspiring and providing a rich foundation of understanding  the body.

Developed in the 70’s Touch for Health was the first energy modality of its kind, it was part of the development of:

  • Energy Medicine – Donna Eden
  • EFT Tapping (Roger Callahan – Tapping the Healer Within)
  • Geotran  Circles of Life — Dorothy Espeau
  • Learning Enhanced Accupressure/Brain Integration – Charles Krebbs
  • Stress Indicator Points — Ian Stubbings
    …and many more…

Choice in Health and Wellness is your right.

Touch for Health can be a stand-alone career (TFH Consultant) or a powerful enhancement to your current career  (CEU’s available).

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