I have been a client of Joyful Promotions for many years now and I have been so pleased with the service, distribution network, and results that have come from having my brochures and posters in the system. By choosing to have my promotional materials distributed by Joy, I have heard consistent and positive feedback from my clients, that they just ‘see me everywhere’. Many people pick up brochures several times before calling, and having a steady presence in the community has helped my students and clients decide that I am the right fit for them.


Over the years, I have consistently seen 20 to 30% of new clients coming in from seeing my brochure in Joyful Promotions system. That is huge in a referral-based business. Joy is so very helpful and insightful about what resonates with people and she gives you great information about how the materials are moving through the system. I have found it to be a valuable service and has also been a great contributor to getting more hits on my website. Really, it is all about getting the right people connected so that help and healing takes place. It is a service that has been totally worth it, for me and my clients.


– Geneva Robins M.Sc., Reiki Master and Founder of LunaHolistic

I can easily recommend Joy’s services.  She’s dedicated, efficient, meticulous and dependable.  I know that Joy will treat my magazines with as much care and love as if they are her very own.  She goes above and beyond to give her very best to everyone under her care and I am so grateful to have someone like her helping Mosaic reach more people.


– Connie Brisson, Editor, Mosaic Magazine

Joy does an excellent job of providing information about health and wellbeing in key hubs around the city. Her bulletin boards are well organized and beautifully maintained while her information boxes are kept up to date and well stocked with information about the latest practitioners and health related events in the city. She has the whole process down to an efficient science!


– Susan Letourneau