Evolutionary Astrology with Isabelle Haddow of Ishaddow Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology with Isabelle Haddow of Ishaddow Astrology
Business: Evolutionary Astrology with Isabelle Haddow of Ishaddow Astrology
Contact Name: Haddow, Isabelle

Experience Evolutionary Astrology with Isabelle Haddow, founder of Ishaddow Astrology.  Offering readings for Natal Charts, Synastry (Relationship), Children, Transit & Progression, Relocation and Astro.  Isabelle has studied astrology for over 35 years and has focused on and trained in Evolutionary Astrology since the late 1990’s.

Evolutionary Astrology can offer incredible insights into your current life, making sense of situations, tendencies and attractions.   It looks at where the soul has been and its unresolved emotional issues that need to be understood and healed.  We uncover the repeating themes and patterns which are often familiar, but are no longer serving a purpose in your life.  When you understand your patterns and the ‘why’, you can make huge evolutionary shifts in moving forward in your life.  We are all here to change and evolve – with awareness we can make conscious choices and self-empower ourselves to shift our fate to destiny.

Reading Descriptions:

Natal Reading
A Natal reading is a blueprint of your life, configured from the moment of your birth and totally unique to you.  This illuminating reading will analyse your evolutionary  journey, look at your challenges and choices, as well as the tools you have available in your life and how best to use them.
60 or 90 minutes

Synastry (Relationship) Reading
This in-depth reading is a combination of 2 charts, where we will look at the relationship dynamics and interactions between the two, as well as compatibility.  Prior natal charts are required.
90 minutes

Children’s Reading
With this reading we will explore your child’s chart.  We will look into their unique personality, precious gifts and talents, as well as their challenges and the environment that will best help them thrive.
60 minutes

Transit and Progression Reading
The reading provides information on your current cycle, immediate and future opportunities and your challenges.  This awareness assists in making decisions and considering life changes and directions.  A prior natal chart is required.
60 or 90 minutes

Relocation Astro Reading
Using the Astro-Mapping techniques, Local Space Lines and Relocated Charts, we will explore what a move to another place might be like for you – be it another country, another city or even across town.
60 or 90 minutes

Readings are offered in person or remotely via Skype.  An MP3 recording of the reading and a copy of your chart will be emailed to you afterwards.

More About Isabelle:
She has a diverse wealth of career and personal experiences which include extensive training and professional development in human relations, personal counseling and coaching.

Address: Remote Sessions by Skype.
Hours: By Appointment